OKBET CYCLING As the first ever Gravel World Champion, Ferrand-Prévot creates waves

OKBET CYCLING As the first ever Gravel World Champion, Ferrand-Prévot creates waves

OKBET CYCLING As the first ever Gravel World Champion, Ferrand-Prévot creates waves


Pauline Ferrand-Prévot (France) won the first-ever elite women’s UCI Gravel World Championships in a two-up sprint with Sina Frei (Switzerland) in her first-ever gravel event, adding to her huge collection of rainbow jerseys.

As the overwhelming favorite in the Veneto despite her inexperience in this particular discipline, Ferrand-Prévot played up to her reputation after winning an unprecedented hat-trick of world gold at the Mountain Bike World Championships in Les Gets in August.

Ferrand-Prévot took her fourth rainbow jersey in less than a month after surging clear of the crucial four-rider split with Frei on the kick into the medieval town of Cittadella. Chiara Teocchi (Italy) beat Jade Treffeisen (Germany) for third place a few seconds later.

The best of the chasers were Barbara Guarischi (Italy), who finished fifth at 27 seconds, and Tiffany Cromwell (Australia), who finished sixth at 40 seconds. This ungainly group eventually broke apart in the last stages of the 140-kilometer race.

Ferrand-Prévot said, “I believe I completed a perfect race.” “I was certain that if there was a bunch sprint at the end, I would come out on top. It was a brilliant strategy, and I can’t believe I came out on top today.

In 2015, Ferrand-Prévot added the cyclo-cross championship to the road and mountain bike crowns she had already won the year before, giving her a total of three rainbow jerseys to wear at once. The Frenchwoman now has four world championships at once, bringing her total number of rainbow jerseys to 10.

She added, “I simply want to enjoy this platform and enjoy the day; I’m not thinking about the prior ones.” “I’m glad; scoring a victory always makes me happy.

Ferrand-Prévot, who had already been conspicuous at the front of the race on the lone hill, the short but tough early ascent up Monte Berico, was the major driver of the decisive move, which started to take form with just under 60km to go.

After that point, it became a race to the finish. Only four riders remained at the front after mountain bikers Ferrand-Prévot, Frei, and Teocchi and the gravel specialist Treffeisen, who was a consistent performer across the UCI Gravel Series this season, had distanced the valiant Lauren Stephens (USA), who has ridden three World Championships in three different disciplines this past month, with 35 kilometers to go.

The group had a minute’s head start on the pursuers at that point, but Ferrand-Prévot had to encourage her teammates to work together better as they neared the beautiful walled town of Cittadella.

“I was in good spirits, and I knew I had to pull very well or else the others would say, ‘OK, we don’t ride with you.'” So, I was encouraging them to keep going,” Ferrand-Prévot said. It executed as planned. I knew I had to settle for second and give it my all in a sprint at the finish. The journey was successful, and I arrived. The timing was perfect; I finally got what I wanted.”

the sequence of events

Though this was Ferrand-first Prévot’s competitive excursion on gravel, it was evident even before the start in Vicenza that she was not here to fill the roster or appease her sponsors. An frightening picture for the rest of the peloton of fifty, Ferrand-Prévot was going through the scales on the turbo trainer half an hour before the off.

The Italian squad warmed up together on the rollers before the day’s lone climb, the ascent to the church atop Monte Berico, where Philippe Gilbert eventually took the stage win in the 2015 Giro d’Italia.

Despite Ferrand-early Prévot’s acceleration signaling her aim to be the one to make the selection at Monte Berico, the field was already fairly separated by the time they emerged from the gravel and into the smooth, portico-lined road that climbed to the summit. It was also notable that the likes of Ferrand-Prévot, Cromwell, Stephens, and Frei, all riders who would go on to play significant roles in the race, were all positioned at the front on that climb.

Frei remarked, “The initial half was extremely fantastic, because of the hill, but in the end, we had a long distance to travel in a small group,” adding that she would have enjoyed much more climbing throughout the course.

Around 15 kilometers later, Ferrand-Prévot was in the lead for a short while alongside Frei, Teocchi, Stephens, Annabel Fisher (Great Britain), and Sofia Gomez Villafane (Argentina). And naturally, the Frenchwoman arrived quickly as Teocchi attacked with little under 60 kilometers to go, setting off the decisive maneuver.

The Italian team behind them worked together to sabotage the pursuit of Cromwell and company, however the front five were so powerful that the Italians could have had trouble bringing them back even if they hadn’t been disrupted. All the way to Cittadella, Ferrand-Prévot and company maintained their lead over the chasers over flat terrain that alternated between narrow single-track and bigger stretches of gravel road.

One person who can attest to the effectiveness of that elite front group is Stephens. I was in pain, but I hoped I could manage by conserving. After the race, she remarked, “I began cramping with about 35km to go and I couldn’t handle the wheel.” After retracing my steps via two sets of switchbacks, I found myself forced to walk up the slope due to severe cramping.

Meanwhile, Ferrand-Prévot was satisfied to arrive at Cittadella with the group still together, despite Frei’s desperate attempt to shake her free on the muddy ascent to the fortress. Frei was successful in eliminating Treffeisen and Teocchi with fire, but Ferrand-Prévot was indestructible. The Frenchman Ferrand-Prévot described it thus way: “If it came to the sprint, I believed I was practically invincible.”

Pos.Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Pauline Ferrand-Prevot (France)4:09:07
2Sina Frei (Switzerland)0:00:00
3Chiara Teocchi (Italy)0:00:11
4Jade Treffeisen (Germany)0:00:11
5Barbara Guarischi (Italy)0:00:27
6Tiffany Cromwell (Australia)0:00:40
7Ilaria Sanguineti (Italy)0:01:02
8Letizia Borghesi (Italy)0:03:08
9Rasa Leleivyte (Lithuania)0:03:11
10Riejanne Markus (Netherlands)0:03:14
11Sofia Bertizzolo (Italy)0:03:53
12Sofia Gomez Villafane (Argentina)0:03:55
13Svenja Betz (Germany)0:04:00
14Marta Romeu (Spain)0:04:04
15Lauren Stephens (United States Of America)0:08:45
16Lija Laizane (Latvia)0:09:09
17Danielle Shrosbree (Great Britain)0:10:29
18Janine Schneider (Germany)0:10:30
19Sarah Sturm (United States Of America)0:10:31
20Lauren de Crescenzo (United States Of America)0:11:44
21Mika Söderström (Sweden)0:17:49
22Debora Piana (Italy)0:17:53
23Emily Newsom (United States Of America)0:20:27
24Puck Moonen (Netherlands)0:22:04
25Giada Borghesi (Italy)0:22:05
26Hayley Simmonds (Great Britain)0:22:12
27Hanna Johansson (Sweden)0:22:16
28Carin Winell (Sweden)0:22:21
29Madeleine Nutt (Great Britain)0:24:47
30Darcie Richards (Australia)0:30:10
31Amanda Voss (Germany)0:30:30
32Eva Lechner (Italy)0:34:10
33Fariba Hashimi (Afghanistan)0:37:19
34Anna Giesen (Germany)0:37:23
35Simona Mazzucotelli (Italy)0:42:47
36Emma Porter (Ireland)0:59:00
37Laura Martin Perez (Spain)1:01:52
38Mary Aleper (Uganda)1:05:57
39Yuldoz Hashimi (Afghanistan)1:34:47
40Rachel Neylan (Australia)
41Holly Mathews (United States Of America)



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