OKBET CYCLING : Clara Honsinger wins Trek CX Cup solo

OKBET CYCLING : Clara Honsinger wins Trek CX Cup solo

OKBET CYCLING : Clara Honsinger wins Trek CX Cup solo


On Friday, in Waterloo, Wisconsin, Clara Honsinger (EF Education-TIBCO-SVB) won the Trek CX Cup C1 competition. The American winner took first position by 22 seconds over Hélene Clauzel (AS Bike Racing) and third place by 23 seconds over Manon Bakker (Crelan-Fristads).

It was a dash to see what would happen. Actually, I felt fine. As far as I could see, everyone was being patient as I went at my own speed. Afterwards, Honsinger told Cyclingnews, “Those first two circuits we really played that game of trying to keep second and third wheel; nobody was putting any huge attacks.” This was her first cyclo-cross race of the season, and she won.

On the third lap, Hélene attempted a bold move into a turn, but I maintained the line and essentially blocked her out, leading to a little snafu for those following closely. So as I rounded the corner and glanced back, there was a split second or two.

They didn’t close the distance any further than four or five seconds, and I was beginning to worry that I wouldn’t make it to safety before they did. And then the lead was thirty seconds, and I maintained it until the end.

The course for the event was located on private land very next to the Wisconsin headquarters of Trek Bikes. The group left the asphalt and reached the grassy area, where they encountered off-camber parts, winding paths through the trees, and brief, steep run-ups. The weather was perfect for racing, being moderate and dry.

The top women’s field was led by Clauzel from the start, as she took the holeshot and sprinted to the uphill grassy corner. Runner-up and third-place finisher, respectively, were Austin Killips (Nice Bikes) and Sidney McGill (OneBike Racing).

Five riders, including Honsinger, Bakker, Maddie Munro (Trek Factory Racing CX), Clauzel, and Killips, made it over the first set of obstacles on the course, with four more riders in hot pursuit.

Just a few seconds into the second lap, Honsinger seized the lead, with Caroline Mani (Alpha Groove Silverthorne) closing up on the other quartet’s rear. In the open parts of the course, the wind picked up and posed a real problem.

Although Lauren Zoerner (Alpha Bicycle Co.-Groove Silverthorne) had been riding in the top 10, she had a mechanical at the beginning of the third lap and had to sprint back to the pits, thus ending her day towards the head of the pack. Nonetheless, she battled on to finish in the top 20. The U.S. national champion maintained the lead over a number of turns, fending off a pass attempt from Clauzel that ultimately proved crucial and allowing Honsinger to create a tiny margin of three or four seconds.

Honsinger continued to maintain her lead for the following several circuits, maintaining a steady pace of between 6:24 and 6:20 for the course of the race’s middle laps. Raylyn Nuss (Steve Tilford Foundation) caught up to Bakker, Munro, Clauzel, Killips, and Mani on the fourth and fifth circuits, making a total of six runners in pursuit.

On the sixth lap, Honsinger put in a time of 6 minutes and 22 seconds, which was just two seconds slower than the previous lap. This created a margin of 35 seconds, which she maintained until the finish. The battle in the rear would be for positions two and three.

Pos.Rider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Clara Honsinger (EF Education-TIBCO-SVB)0:51:39
2Helene Clauzel (AS Bike Racing)0:00:22
3Manon Bakker (Crelan-Fristads)0:00:23
4Caroline Mani (Alpha Groove Silverthorne)0:00:24
5Madigan Munro (Trek Factory Racing CX)0:00:25
6Austin Killips (nice bikes)0:00:27
7Raylyn Nuss (Steve Tilford Foundation Racing)0:00:31
8Sidney Mcgill (ONEBIKE RACING)0:01:49
9Caitlin Bernstein (nice bikes)
10Lizzy Gunsalus (Steve Tilford Foundation Racing)0:01:57
11Anna Megale (Comp Edge Racing)0:02:33
12Sunny Gilbert (Blue Competition Cycles p/b Build)0:02:38
13Erica Zaveta (PSCX Team)0:02:45
14Caitlin Neuman (Neff Cycle Service)0:02:48
15Jenaya Francis (Juventus CC)
16Christiane Bilodeau (Juventus Cycling Club)0:03:14
17Emily Werner (Kens Bike Shop)0:03:33
18Katelyn Walcroft (Hardwood Next Wave)0:03:41
19Chloe Fraser (Bear CX)0:03:48
20Lauren Zoerner (Alpha Bicycle Co. – Groove Silverthorne)0:03:50
21Anna Dorovskikh (Orion Racing p/b Borah Teamwear)0:03:58
22Cassidy Hickey (Blue Competition Cycles p/b Build)0:04:05
23Erin Feldhausen (Trek Midwest Team)0:04:52
24Veerle Goossens (VG Racing)0:05:26
25Keira Bond (Blue Competition Cycles p/b Build)0:06:20
26Corey Coogan Cisek (Triple C Coaching – WP Cycles)
27Allison Crow (Orion Racing)
28Maria Larkin (Cuttin Crew/Donkey Label)
29Molly Clark-oien (Parallel 44 Racing p/b Sanford POWER)
30Elizabeth Sheldon (CXHAIRS Devo : Trek Bikes)
31Ivy Audrain (Squid Bikes)
32Ella Dishong (Columbia Cycles)
33Olivia Sandoval (Kelly Benefits Strategies/LSV)
34Alexandra Campbellforte (Dirty Kitten Racing p/b Champion-System)
35Sarah Larson (V3 Endurance)
36Callah Robinson (NWCX Project)
37Sarah Williams (Dirty Kitten Racing p/b Champion System)
38Avery Daubert (Bear National Team)
DNFSiobhan Kelly (Black Dog Racing)



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